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This links to the minecraft wiki WIKI!

The minecraft wiki will help you with any crafting recipes its very helpful

reasons why minecraft is the best game ever!

A huge fan base!

You can play the game anyway you'd like to!

Its fun!

Cool Minecraft Stuff:

Using redstone you can automate and speed up many hard procceses. heres a link that leads to some cool contraptions in minecraft that are very helpful.

filler link.

it goes without saying that every big game has glitches. Here is a list of my top 10 glitches. (not in any order)

1. Xray glitch

This is a paragraph.

2. Dupe glitches

3. Boat fall damage reduction

4. Diamond hunting

5. Void shulker

6. Emerald loophole

7. Nether water

8. World generation

9. World border

10. Lag machines

minecraft is a game popular for its speedruning. here is a list of the best strats to beat the game ASAP. (might add links or descriptions later!)

nether portal strat

bastion finding

dragon bed strat

useing structures

divine travel

bastion route

seed macroing

ocean spawn

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